age: 57 (25.04.1959)



Mountview Theatre School, London, UK,
Doreen Cannon-Uta Hagen Technique, London, UK
Irene Beck-Shakespeare, Classics, London, UK,
Howard Fine, Master Class, Los Angeles,
Larry Moss Studio, Michelle Danner, Master Class, Los Angeles,
Larry Moss Master Class Intensive,



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  • 2013, Stage, Lady Blacklock, A MURDER IS ANNOUNCED, Somerset Valley Players, Mike Muller;
  • 2012, Television, Laura, SZPITAL ALICJI, TVN, Marcin Wrona;
  • 2011, Commercial, Maria, ACTIVIA, Heureka;
  • 2011, Television, The woman, KLAN, TVP;
  • 2008, Infomercial, The Woman, LEXUS USA;
  • 2006, Short Film, Mrs Klaus, THE FALL OF THE NORTH POLE, Jesse Griffith;
  • 2005, Short Film, Lead Role, CLOSING STATEMENTS, Andrew Hilbolt;
  • 2004, Short Film, Anna, THE CAKE, cake productions, Kim Furst;
  • 1999, Stage, Marie-Laure, DANGEROUS TO KNOW, Bill Kenwright, Roger Redfarn;
  • 1994, Commercial, The Woman, NORWEGIAN CRUISLINE, Ritz/Hayden, Carlton Chase;
  • 1994, Commercial, The Woman, VW USA, Ritz/Hayden, Carlton Chase;
  • 1992, Commercial, Lead Role, VOLUPTE, OSCAR DE LA RENTA, Carlton Chase;
  • 1991, Commercial, Lead Role, NATIONWIDE ANGLIA, Carlton Chase;
  • 1988, Feature Film, Natasha, BLACK EAGLE, Imperial Entertainment, Erik Karson;
  • 1988, Television, Nurse, BORDER, BBC Television, Misha Willaims;
  • 1988, Television, Katinka, WAR & REMEMBRANCE, ABC Television, Dan Curtis;
  • 1988, Television Movie, Nurse, BORDER, BBC, Misha Williams.